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Emagrims began as Primetech and was formed in 2017 with the objective to solve the Pan-African challenge of industrialization. Within the three months of networking, recruiting, and partnering with multiple technical partners, Emagrims secured its first contract with the Venture-Capital-backed Crest-Agro Products in Lokoja to clear 300 hectares within 3 months.

Since then, Emagrims has had an average of 400% year-on-year growth in land clearing completions and is currently on track to exceed 20,000 hectares in 2021. Moreover, our team strength has experienced a 1200% year-on-year growth in 4 years. More importantly, Emagrims productivity has grown from 100 ha/ month to over 300ha/month.

Our industrialization services are highly applauded, as we have a commitment to continuous improvement, constantly innovative, highly driven, and educated. Our management team includes two industry veterans; with over 30 years of managing industrialization processes, a nationally recognized security expert, and a New-York based business consultant/ engineer. Leveraging all these resources at our disposal, we are able to deliver our projects in an impeccable fashion that is difficult to replicate anywhere else in Nigeria.


With a projected year-on-year GDP growth rate of about 6% through 2023, the United Nations calls Africa the largest growing continent. The same report notes that the major driver for this growth is industrialization.

On this premise, Emagrims’ purpose is to be the world-class industrialization service provider, that helps Africa achieve agricultural and economic self-sufficiency. To attain this, we focus on heavy-duty land clearing and mechanized agricultural services, in-line with the economic needs of our beloved continent.



We constantly seek to deliver superior services and value every time to every customer


We do not just talk the talk, we are on the field, non-stop if necessary to exceed our customer’s expectations through our operational excellence


We respect and cherish the Earth and seek to leave it better than we met it


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