what we do

Our services cover the entire mechanization services value chain, from equipment sourcing, process planning, logistics and mobilization, earthworks and farming. Since its inception; Emagrims has been at the forefront of customer satisfaction and quality execution. This has led us to increase our mechanization services to mobilize and solve some of the most challenging problems involved in large-scale project completions.

From our vast wealth of experience mobilizing over 100 heavy-duty machinery to meet customer demands and deadlines, we currently have a list of world-class assets on standby for your next project.
This ever-increasing list includes:
23 CAT Bulldozers – D8K, D8 and D3
31 John Deere Tractors – 75 hp, 110 hp
7 Pickup Trucks for fuel resupply, resource mobility and logistics

As of January 2021, our services include the following;

  • Land Clearing
  • Farm Mechanization
  • General Farm Contract
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Leasing

Effective and Resourceful

Land clearing is a very important part of every agricultural process.
We provide Agricultural land clearing services and also Electrical Powerline land clearing services. We are resourceful and ensure effectiveness.

Productive and Efficient

Farm mechanization is very much effective when you have the required machines at your disposal. We at Emagrims ltd make sure it is possible to get every machine at your disposal.

Productive farming

Having the vast years of experience in all stages of farming, from land clearing even up to harvesting, makes us the best in handling general farm contracts. We have the best production results so far.

efficient equipment

Having access to good equipment for your project is the core aspect of a successful project. We have the best lease plans to suit your project.
Contact us now to get any equipment you need for your projects